Duration: Private Day Tour
Location: The Cape Winelands
Price: R 1100.00 pp : R 900 per person
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About the Itinerary

If you enjoy wine tasting “and drinking” you’re on your way to heaven and will absolutely love the experience the Cape Winelands has to offer, by the way,  you don’t have to be a wine lover to appreciate the beauty of the Winelands.Most wine estates have restaurants and offer a fabulous dining experience. There is a variety of dining options from relaxed picnics to be enjoyed on the beautiful expansive lawns, bistro style restaurants or fine dining experiences that will take you on a delightful culinary journey not to be missed.

Whats included on Board

  • R75 Million passenger liability cover
  • Fully Licensed vehicles with valid transport permits
  • Certified/ registered Tour Guides
  • Complimentary Minibar on Board including Soft drinks, Teas & Coffees
  • Complimentary Wireless Internet on-board
  • Complimentary Baby seats and strollers

Whats Excluded

  • Cable Car Fee
  • Unless stipulated on the Tour, Park entrance fees are not included
  • Unless stipulated on the Tour, Meals are not included

Spier Wine Estate for a Cellar Tour, Cheese and Wine Tasting

Our first stop will be at the Spier Wine Farm about 15 min drive from Stellenbosch give or take.
Award-winning wine paired with innovative food is what you’ll find at the farms tasting room on the banks of the Spier dam. Here we take the chance to relax in the airy lounge area, and enjoy stunning views of the Helderberg mountains, or should you wish, take a glass outside onto the sunny patio and gaze across the rolling lawns.

Tasting includes

  • Spier Tasting (R40 pp): Choose three wines from the farms Signature range and one from each of the two premium wine ranges, 21 Gables and Creative Block
  • Chocolate and wine tasting (R70 pp): Inspired by the Spier Signature Méthode Cap Classique and the Spier Creative Block blends, the chocolatier has carefully crafted chocolates that complement and unlock nuanced flavours in each of their liquid treasures
  • The famouse Frans K Smit Tasting (R90 pp): The two premium wine ranges plus Spier’s flagship wine, Frans K Smit.
  • The Children’s Grape Juice Tasting (R35 pp): This tasting is the ideal way to keep the youngsters busy with a tasting of three different grape juices and an educational activity sheet highlighting the role insects play in our vineyards.
  • Food platters to pair with the tastings are also available for sale


Special-Esater-Wine-Pairing   wine_tasting_-_long_table_inside_1


  • Guided Town Tour
  • Horse Riding
  • Wine & Vinegar Tasting
  • Bike Riding
  • Guided Nature Walks
  • Picnics
  • Stellenbosch Tram ride
  • Eagle Encounter
  • Segway riding

Stellenbosch City Tour

We now visit perhaps one of the most interesting Towns in South Africa, its history and culture piqued the interest of both visitors and scholars alike.
In 1679 Simon van der Stel, while on an inspection of the outposts and a search for more arable land in the Hottentots Holland area, came across the Eerste Rivier (“First River”- named by Corporal Willem Muller simply because it was the first river he crossed on an expedition in 1655) and set up camp on an island formed by the double course of the river. He named the area Simon van der Stel se Bos (Simon van der Stel’s bush) and knew this beautiful valley called for settlement, it was suitable for agriculture and watered by the Eerste Rivier, later it became known as Stellenbosch (Stel’s Bush).

In 1683 some farmers settled around the Stellenbosch area. The town however, was only established in 1685 when Commissioner Baron Hendrik Adriaan van Rheede accompanied Simon van der Stel on a visit to the area and stipulated that a Drostdy be erected on the island and a town be laid out. Van Rheede was managing the affairs of the VOC (De Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie – the Dutch East India Company) in the Cape. Jan Mulder was appointed as the first landdrost (magistrate) and the town was laid out. By now farms were being cultivated and the first vines were planted in Stellenbosch, some of the farms’ names have survived to this day, which include: Mostertsdrift, Jonkershoek, Idas Vallei, Coetzenburg and Koelenhof.

inside-stellenbosch-13716498213   stellenbosch.jpg bl


  • Town Tour
  • Museum visits
  • Ghost Walk
  • University Tour
  • Wine Tours

Stellenbosch Museum

The Stellenbosch Village Museum currently comprises of four houses of historical interest and their gardens. Each of these beautiful homes represents a different period in the architectural development of Stellenbosch. The houses, their interiors and their gardens have been wonderfully restored, furnished, planted and decorated to illustrate the particular style and taste of the time.

One of the houses in the museum which has restored is the Schreuderhuis. This home was built in 1709, and it survived the first great fire in Stellenbosch. “Schreuderhuis” is the oldest restored and documented town house in the whole of South Africa. The interior furnishing and the garden are typical of a Stellenbosch home from the period of 1680 – 1720, in true pioneer spirit much of the furniture was made from locally available materials.

The strings of onions, herbs and salted fish hanging from the rafters, the open hearth in the kitchen and the primitive Cape furniture lend a special charm to this dwelling. You will notice that there is sharp contrast to the handsome appointments of later, more opulent homes. In true pioneer spirit much of the furniture was made from locally available materials

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Rozendal Vinegar Farm

We drive only 5 minuets from the Town centre to the rustic effortlessly tranquil hideaway of the 2nd generation Rozendal Guest Farm, internationally acclaimed for its Balsamic Vinegar;
Heritage is key in the preparation of the Rozendal award-winning vinegar. Nathalie Ammann the vinegar maker and Owner of the farm uses the traditional French Orleans method, passed down by her father Kurt Ammann. During fermentation, oak barrel-matured red wines are cultured by an indigenous ‘mother’ bacteria – from the first vinegar made on Rozendal in 1988. Organic herbs are carefully selected for their culinary and health properties and then infused, and the resulting balsamic-style vinegar is matured for up to 12 years..

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  • Vinegar tasting
  • Horse riding
  • Farm animal experience
  • Farm & Guest House Tour